Mantras in Tibetan Medicine

It is not only a good idea, it is a natural law: everything in the Universe is vibration. “Vibration though sometimes subtle, it is real. Blessing our food – giving thanks – is also an important piece of healthy, balanced eating. Putting the intention of gratitude into the food we eat enhances its vibrational properties. Reciting a mantra is a way of connecting with and manipulating very specific subtle energies. Mantra is the pure essential energy of Sound, and Sound in its most essential and pure manifestation has infinite creative and healing potentiality.”

Avalokitesvara, a Tibetan Mantra ℅

Tibetan Medicine, a natural herbal medical science mentions Mantra Healing as a method of treatment. Tibetan Medicine has two primary goals: 1. Prevention of Disease – through healthy diet and correct habits of lifestyle. 2. Treatment of Disease – when illness has manifested. In Traditional Tibetan Medicine, Treatment generally falls into Four basic categories: Therapeutic Diet, Modifications to lifestyle factors, Use of herbal Medicines, Application of External Therapies. Mantra Healing can be used separately as a treatment in its own right, or it can be combined with any of the four above-mentioned treatment modalities in order to enhance their effects. When used in conjunction with diet, Mantras can be used to empower foods for therapeutic purposes, or to detoxify contaminated foods. We are what we eat, consider what vibration it is that you want to eat today and sing a mantra while cooking. Season your food with some Ra Ma Da Sa for healing or Har Haray Haree for prosperity. According to Spirit Voyage publication, Yoga retreat chefs, Bir Singh and Sirgun Kaur of Austin, say they use Mangala Charan by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa “when energy gets low.” They say it picks them up as the chefs and “puts good energy in the food for the students to keep up.” Baja Sur, is a unique and special land. We are home to a Dzogchen retreat center of Tibetan traditions and healing called Los Naranjos, where educational workshops, festivals and retreats, are offered to the practitioner. For more information write to


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