Closing procedures, laws and fees are different in Mexico than in the United States or Canada. REmexico real estate agents will work with your lender to ensure your purchasing experience is handled properly and smoothly.

Currently in Mexico, there are a variety of ways to finance your home purchase.  Remexico’s staff is educated and up to date on the constantly changing international lending world.

Seller Financing:

Very common in Los Cabos is seller financing.  Terms and availability depend completely on the property and the seller, however, we are seeing more and more deals get done with 20-40% down and payments that balloon at 5 years.  Contact an agent today for a list of properties that are offering Seller Financing options.

Peso Loans:

The major national banks in Mexico are offering loans for foreigners in Pesos which allows the purchase of a home that is already built and appraises.  Terms are traditionally 10 year mortgages and interest rates north of 10%. For questions about financing your purchase, email for a quick response from a sales professional.