Our commitment to our client’s is absolutely the number one priority as it has been in the past, and always will be. REmexico proudly believes that Real Estate is a service oriented business. Our client’s goals and needs are at the forefront of what we do daily and we always remember that it is our job to strongly represent our clients best interest at all times.

Buying in Cabo

Owning real estate in Mexico is an incredible opportunity. However, there are some important statutes in place that foreign citizens must be aware of before they can own their own home here. Today, foreign citizens “own” property in Mexico’s restricted regions through a trust which functions much like trusts in other countries. These regions are for any property within 60 miles from the border or within 30 miles of any coastline-which includes Los Cabos. It is highly recommended that each foreign citizen consult with a professional real estate agent or an attorney that has experience in foreign ownership of Mexican property within the restricted zones. REmexico Real Estate offers the most qualified agents to help you understand and enjoy Mexican property ownership.

How long does it take to establish a trust?

At REmexico Real Estate, we partner with notaries for our closings in order to secure your trust. A Notario Publico in Mexico is much different than a Notary Public in the U.S. In Mexico, Notaries are specialized attorneys who act on behalf of the state and federal government in relation to any transaction; they are comparable to a U.S. Clerk of Courts. In most cases, REmexico Real Estate can obtain your trust within 60-90 days. In some cases title has been transferred in as little as two to three weeks. We oversee the entire process and make certain you understand each and every step involved.

Title Insurance

When you purchase real estate in Mexico, REmexico Real Estate recommends you consider Title Insurance for your property purchase. We insure our cars, homes and our health — it is just as important to insure one of your largest investments: your property. Title Insurance is available for properties in Mexico purchased by U.S. and Mexican citizens through numerous different vendors and insurers.

Transfer Tax

The acquisition tax, or transfer tax, is generally paid by the Purchaser. It is currently 2% of the declared value of the transaction.

Settlement Costs

These fees are for services provided and include: supervision and coordination of permits, tax payments and the myriad of other details necessary to obtain full legal title.  These fees are based upon the purchase price in the transaction.