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Q&A: How Does the Seasonal Market Affect Real Estate in Mexico

Real Estate questions asked by you, answered by local real estate expert Blake Harrington, of REmexico Real Estate Group Q: What does a Seasonal Market mean for buyers and sellers? A: Summer is now upon us in Los Cabos! Of course this means warmer temperatures, may- be a bit of rain, and for real estate, a bit of a slow…

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Cost of Living in Los Cabos Mexico

Q: What are the true costs of owning a vacation home in Los Cabos and maintaining the property? A: A very common and good question for those of our clients considering purchasing a vacation home in Cabo. The monthly and annual costs can vary on HOA/Maintenance fees, or CFE Zone (Local Electric) and services at your property specifically. However, what…

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Mexico Real Estate FAQs

A common question buyers have is about financing for foreigners. Mortgages are currently available to Mexicans with many of the major national Mexican banks, and the loans are done in pesos. However, currently there is little to no availability for traditional financing through American banking institutions. Some hard money lenders are available, but interest rates can easily be in the…

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