The lay of the land for your next trip to Cabo

Yes our primary focus here at Remexico is Cabo Real Estate but we do understand that what makes a vacation home or condo special is the destination and all it has to offer. With that in mind, we would like to clear up a few questions about what is called what, and where it is.

Los Cabos

Los Cabos translates quite simply into “The Capes” and it is the collective name for the entire tip of Southern Baja primarily Cabo San Lucas, San Jose Del Cabo, The Corridor, The East Cape, and, depending who you ask, the Todos Santos/Cerritos area.

Cabo San Lucas

When people mention “Cabo” it’s often actually Cabo San Lucas they are referring to. Once a sleepy fishing and cannery village, Cabo became famous with the jet-set as a destination for the world’s best marlin fishing. The rise in popularity has seen Cabo San Lucas grow into a true world class destination featuring top line hotel brands, top level golf, some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, world class dining and all the trappings of an A-list resort…… Oh and still the best place in the world to catch a marlin!

San Jose Del Cabo

While experiencing similar growth to it’s sister city of Cabo San Lucas, San Jose has followed a quieter path focusing on history and art. With beautiful beaches lined with top notch accommodation, most visitors to San Jose are there to experience the old style colonial town and the thriving artist community it supports.

The Tourist Corridor

This refers to the roughly 20-mile stretch of stunning coastline that connects the towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Many a family that could not choose between the action and glitz of Cabo and the history of San Jose have chosen one of the many spectacular resorts in the corridor situated between the two. Dotted with beautiful beaches, modern resorts, and world class golf courses, The corridor has something for everyone.

The East Cape

Largely untouched, totally unspoiled, as its name would suggest, the East Cape is the stretch of coast running up the East side of Southern Baja from San Jose to south of La Paz. Lonely beaches, small towns, remote surf breaks, kite surfing enthusiasts, an underwater national park and plenty of room to roam, are all things you can expect to find on the East Cape. The East Cape is a favourite to new visitors as well as those looking for the Cabo of old.

Todos Santos / Cerritos

Todos Santos is a designated “Pueblo Magico” and a grat day trip or multi day stay. Up the West Coast of Baja, about 45 minutes from Cabo san Lucas, the thriving Artist community in this old style colonial village pays tribute to the history of the area while offering modern conveniences and attractions. Close by is Cerritos beach, a local surfing hotspot and one of the few swimmable beaches on the Pacific coast of Baja.


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