The Cabo Bucket List – Fun in Cabo

You love Baja. You love having fun in Cabo, and you understand and recognize how special this region of the world is. So here’s the question for visitors and residents: How “Cabo” are you?! How many of these activities can you check off the list? Ready, Set, GO!


One of the rarest sights to see and maybe your most challenging experience on The Cabo bucket List is walking under the well-known landmark “El Arco” (The Arch). Only when the tide is low enough, every 4-5 years, you can walk through the center of the Arch. Although you pictures in magazines with people und it’s actually not very common.

DID YOU KNOW? – After the September 2014 Hurricane Odile, divers uncovered “The Lundenberg,” a shipwreck dating back to 1954 at the sea floor near The Arch.


An hour and a half north of Cabo lies the capital of the State of Baja California Sur, La Paz, One of the most exhilarating experiences you’ll have in your lifetime is to swim the whale sharks, the largest fish in the ocean. Tours to swim with these peaceful giants can be done each winter and it’s truly a unique experience.

DID YOU KNOW? – With a life span of around 70 years, the whale shark species has been in existence for nearly 60 million years


Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and forme of Van Halen front man, Sammy Hagar opened his Cabo Wabo Cantina in 1990 when Cabo was mostly dirt roads traveled by ATV. At the time, the area was still a small sleepy fishing town, but it caught the attention of “The Red Rocker” who became a frequent visitor and eventually a resident. Fast-forward 26 years, and the walls of Cabo Wabo Cantina are covered in photos of legendary performers who have graced its stage. Famous musicians include Stevie Wonder, Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney, Slash, Ted Nugent, John Mayer, and many others. Each October, Sammy does a run of live shows for his annual Birthday Bash and invites musicians and celebrities from around the world. You never know who’s going to walk onto the stage! Sammy also frequently makes unannounced appearances at Cabo Wabo throughout the year.

DID YOU KNOW? – Cabo Wabo is more than just fun in Cabo, they have locations in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, and Hollywood.


Imagine turquoise blue water meeting a white sandy beach. Are you in? Welcome to the Islands of Espirtu Santo, just outside the bay of La Paz. Secluded beaches and abundant underwater wildlife await you as you explore stunning coves of natural beauty. The area is protected as part of the Área de Protección de Flora y Fauna – Islas del Golfo de California and it was declared part of a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1995. Both islands are uninhabited.

DID YOU KNOW? – Ensenada Grande beach, on Isla Partida, was voted the most beautiful beach in Mexico and one of the top 12 beaches in the world by Travel Magazine.


Watch the water to see whales breach, roll, and have fun in Cabo each year between December and April. Cabo welcomes gray whales and humpback whales as they make their journey from Alaska up to the breeding grounds in the Sea of Cortez to birth their babies. This phenomenon attracts sightseers from around the globe and is a spectacular exhibit of Mother Nature at her best. Tourists can take one of the many whale-watching tours available on a variety of boats, even as simple as a panga, to experience these beautiful creatures up close and personal.

DID YOU KNOW? – Humpback whales can reach up to 16 meters long, and weigh up to 80,000 lbs!


One of the most naturally beautiful sights one can see in Baja is a mother turtle coming ashore to lay her eggs in the sand. From June through January, Olive Ridley and Leatherback turtles, two of the more common species of sea turtles in the area, lay their eggs in the sand just above the tide. From here, the eggs incubate in their nest for about 2 months. Then, the baby turtles climb out and make the daunting trip to the water.

DID YOU KNOW? – You can help the turtles! There are opportunities to help release these baby turtles into the ocean through local tour companies and conservancies.


Take a quick 40 minute drive north on the Pacific side and you’ll reach the beach town of Cerritos. Accessed by dirt roads and with limited services, Cerritos is a charming retreat for locals when the weather gets a little too hot in Cabo. It is also a favorite surf spot of tourists looking for that Pacific Ocean wave and cooler temperatures.

DID YOU KNOW? – Not only can you surf at Cerritos, you can rent ATVs, ride Horses, browse art galleries in nearby Todos Santos, and of course, go fishing.


Cabo is widely considered the sport fishing capital of the world, and nothing may be more thrilling than catching, and releasing, a marlin off the tip of the Baja. Striper, Blue, or Black, it won’t matter: the battle between man and fish is one that can be lengthy and exhausting, but truly rewarding. You can’t call yourself a “Choyero,” a commonly used phrase used to describe locals, unless you’ve caught yourself a marlin. Consider it rite of passage to the beautiful life Baja can provide.

DID YOU KNOW? – The well- known “Bisbee Black & Blue” fishing tournament has been held since 1981. Their biggest year of entries and participants was in 2006, which subsequently lead to a world-record payout of over $4,000,000 US, and remains the biggest payout in sport fishing history.


Get in your truck or jeep, or rent one, and drive east! With miles and miles of unspoiled beach, great surf breaks, and fantastic snorkeling, the East Cape and its rugged dirt roads and stunning vistas awaits you. Here you can go “off the grid,” ditch your cell phone, and be at peace with old Baja. You can stop at the small restaurant La Fortuna for delicious shrimp tacos, or head further east to Cabo Pulmo and stop at Tito’s for great margaritas made by the family that resides on the land. For surfers, well, you’ve heard of it. Great surfing from Shipwrecks, to La Fortuna, to 9 Palms, and more. For the campers, set up anywhere and be at peace with the Sea of Cortez as your front yard.

DID YOU KNOW? – Tourism in the east cape began in 1952 when The Rancho Buena Vista Hotel opened as a fly fishing resort, attracting many visitors, including many A-list Hollywood celebrities.


Pack your car with sandwiches, snacks, and drinks and have a picnic at the base of the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range. Just 30 minutes north of the airport is one of Baja’s many natural wonders, Canon de la Zorra. Cascada sol de Mayo are waterfalls and hot-springs in the small ranchero town of Santiago. You can also hike up non-marked trails to more pools and waterfalls.

DID YOU KNOW? – The Mexican Federal Government has marked these areas as a reserve dedicated to protecting the environment.


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