Off the Beaten Path – Part 2

by Alex Navarro, Baja Adventure Expert

A really cool adventure is to check out a cave right on the beach on the Pacific side about 40 minutes from Cabo. During whale watching season, this is the perfect spot to observe whales pass by and sometimes breaching.; now is the perfect time as the whale season has a month or so left.

This spot is on Highway 19 right before the town of Elias Calles if you are going from Cabo San Lucas, or if you are coming from Todos Santos towards San Lucas, it is located at the end of the straight highway stretch in the town of Elias Calles. The directions here are described from Todos Santos to San Lucas since the cave is on that side of the highway, in other words, the beach side, not the mountain side. Just a few meters before the first left curve begins at the south end of the town, you want to come off the highway onto the side dirt road, and on your right hand side you will see a large hilly mound which is the cave. Then drive towards it on the perpendicular dirt road towards the ocean and park your car when you arrive to the fence at the beginning of the hill. There you can either walk to the top of the hill and get a wonderful panoramic view of the ocean, or you can walk to the left of the mound, descend to the beach, then walk around the hill and go towards the entrance of the little cave.

Check the water line on the sand and you will notice if it is possible to cross the beach and get to the door of the cave, or if it is high or medium tide and it is not possible and also not recommended to try to reach the entrance. Have a lot of precaution here. If you are lucky to get there at low tide you will notice the beach completely clear and the water line very low. Maybe check the tide charts on that day to make sure you arrive when you can enter the cave. If not, the top of the hill which is the shell of the cave, makes for amazing sightseeing and a photo opportunity as well, and also maybe whales!


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