Mexican Independence Day in Los Cabos!


Each year celebrations begin on the 15th with local public officials performing reenactments of Miguel Hidalgo’s 1810 Grito de Dolores. Hidalgo, a priest in the town of Dolores, called for a revolution. His cry marked the beginning of an 11 year struggle ending with the victory of Mexico gaining independence from Spain.

In honor of Hidalgo’s cry and the symbolism it held, officials all over Mexico will reenact the moment, chanting “Viva Mexico, Viva Mexico, Viva Mexico!” at 11pm. Thereafter, communities gather together to eat, drink, listen to live music and watch firework shows.

In the country’s capitol, the Mexican president will speak to the country from a balcony in Mexico City’s famous “zocalo,” or main plaza. Like the city officials, he also will end with the cry, “Viva Mexico,” or, “long live Mexico.” He will then host a midnight dinner as the nation parties into the morning.

The 16th is the actual “Independence Day,” and Cabo as well as other cities around the country begin the day with parades and continued fun. Las fiestas patrias, or patriotic celebrations carry on through the entire month of September.

In Los Cabos you can find grito reenactments performed in both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

Unbeknownst to visitors, THIS is the real holiday they are looking for when they travel to Mexico on the 5th of May, Cinco de Mayo, and find that the party isn’t happening. While the 5th is a special day commemorating a battle against the French in the town of Puebla, it is not even a work holiday.

In contrast, all of Mexico is prepped and buzzing in the days leading up to Independence Day. Towns are cleaned up, patriotic colored banners fly on every monument and you can’t go anywhere without green white and red staring at you from every corner.

It’s the perfect time for tourists to show up for a party that lasts for days!

Stereotypical Mexican garb is the preferred dress, including panchos, large sombreros and, of course, fake bushy mustaches. Anyone celebrating is likely to have the country colors painted across their faces and bodies – children included.

Whether you find yourself in the capitol surrounded by massive crowds, in a little town wanting of tourists or in Cabo San Lucas, you will have the time of your life as you experience the great patriotism and happy commemoration of Mexican culture. Pack your largest sombrero. If you don’t have one, no worries: there will be plenty for sale no matter where you go!

Independence Day is an important day for the people of Mexico. Many of them are embracing their culture not just on one day but rather throughout the entirety of each year, recognizing the importance of valuing the spirit of pride, joy and resilience.

Visitors and non-citizen residents are welcome and Cabo finds itself filled with people of from all countries and all walks of life, all shouting Viva!


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