Los Cabos as Home – Imagine That

Why would a man who travelled the world for all of his life decide to call Los Cabos his forever home?

Courtesy of Destino Magazine

Throughout his early career as General Manager for Hyatt Hotels, climbing each rung of the ladder meant a change of address. The locations he lived in throughout the United States read like a Family Feud Survey of “Ideal Cities Most Americans Would Love to Reside?” Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Oahu, Washington D.C., the list goes on. When he reached the highest levels of management his home became more stable and his global travel responsibility increased. He was given the task of installing sail and scuba activity concessions in high-end resorts throughout the Bahamas, Grand Cayman, and Aruba. Weeks at a time scouting and negotiating expansion locations in the most picturesque corners of the globe were as regular as his flossing habits and he flossed with vigor twice a day.

He recognized early the societal shift towards a healthy lifestyle and indulgence in self-love in the form of destination spas. Mind you, it was not too long ago that the idea of these types of vacation experiences gave most people the thought of visiting a nude colony of ex-hippies rolling around in mud while chanting “Om.” After years of travelling tropical destinations he began scouting, developing, and installing these Spas in the most exotic locales known to man. The types of places people hear about and put on their bucket list knowing that unless the lottery strikes it will remain only a dream.

In the early 2000’s an iconic Los Cabos resort changed ownership and was about to undergo a $90 Million renovation. That is when he became involved. The resort wanted to take their spa from great to exceptional and become Mexico’s premier destination spa. He had visited Los Cabos years prior on a Bachelor party fishing trip but this time was different. The experience transformed his perception on who he was and the future of his life.

Fast-forward to 2016 and he and the stunning, multi-talented spouse he met after completion of that project own multiple properties in Los Cabos with no plans of ever leaving their paradise. The passion he has for enjoying all that the area offers is matched only by her passion in preserving the natural gifts Cabo provides and the small town feel it has enjoyed over its history.

This man has traveled the world and seen places that enhanced digital photography could not do justice to. Destinations that most only see while watching the Travel Channel or splashed across the pages of the in-flight magazines. Places that require three months’ paychecks just to cover airfare. He told me one night over a tequila on the ocean terrace of Villa La Estancia that even after all of the globe-trotting he had done throughout his years that it was not until he came to Los Cabos that he truly fell in love. Imagine that.


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