Healthy Solutions to Stay in Tune With One’s Body and Mind

Let aside electronics often ( t.v., cell phones, tablets).
Take time to enjoy nature.
Choose healthy food options.
What we eat gives us the fuel and mood of life.
Start your morning with light stretches to allow your body to wake up naturally.
Choose green tea instead of coffee or (terrible) energy drinks if you need an extra boost.

More people talk about their inability to relax and be calm. Even if they don’t express that verbally one can tell by paying attention; they are not at ease in their body-mind connection. Yellowish colour in their eyes, dark circles underneath, as they speak, fast breathing as if somebody were chasing them. Lack of rest has become number one issue in today’s society, difficulties to sleep; uppers and downers to stay awake for longer periods of time and to be able to get some hours to sleep. Clients and friends complain about panic attacks and how hard is to overcome the symptoms. To understand they are not going to die, as they feel as they would during a crisis. Some of them have had some psychiatric help that will include some prescribed drugs to keep them tranquil and “normal” functioning. But, some of them remained unaware, and have not uncover a possible reason of why that mysterious illness shows up and sometimes takes control over their life’s, keeping them away from enjoying life as they want. Fear is their unknown enemy.

In my spiritual and professional work I have done in the past I have learned, to understand that fear could be the main stressor in one’s life in a very unconscious level. Fear is a natural response to the need of survival. When a person feels threatened, the body gets ready to run away or fight, as an autonomic response from the nervous system. Stress hormones are pumped in to the main stream, muscles get tense, the heart bits faster, and breath becomes rapid. Animals can shake that off afterwards but we humans don’t seem to have that innate ability. Once that threatening event has passed, whether real or imaginary (after all, the amygdala, the part of the brain in charge of this mechanism, can’t distinguish from real threat and a perceived threat) the ability to readjust and keep on going in many cases is not available.

This is how the body-mind connection “unplugs” and the person is most likely to react, rather than having a choice to consciously according to how every situation presents itself uniquely; therefore fear response leads the way, and that person will interact with their surroundings primarily from a fear response.

And it does not end there..! As that repeats itself it gets deeply embedded in to the body’s structure. They will adjust and remain alert, and in constant tension, without noticing. Those chronically tense muscles and that fast breathing once was needed to “survive” becomes fixed in the system. Be aware, one does not need to have panic attacks to be experiencing a minor level of this response. We all have different capacities to overcome stress and difficulties of daily life.

Rest well, and when your body is telling you, its needed even more (there is always going to be a party to go to or friends who wants you to stay awake late) make your own decisions. Get qualified body work to overcome patterns of tension. Stay in touch with your feelings, let the sensation that generates unfold in your body, is ok, let tears fall from your eyes, is ok, allow big laughs to inundate a busy room, is ok; express with words or hugs your appreciation to others, is ok. Be yourself; remember that everyone else is already taken!

By Health Artist and Certified Structural Integration Practitioner Sylvia Ramírez


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