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Inspiration. Without it nothing gets created. So we keep searching for a muse. Sometimes, mind gets insanely busy, making no space for inspiration, and we forget that the solution is to still ourselves and take time for peaceful contemplation. We get stuck in the repetition of our obsessive thinking, and somehow we create loops in time, finding ourselves living the same experience over and over, until the lesson is learnt.

Breath brings us back to our senses, we remember to observe our sensations and honour how we feel, we recover the balance of our mind and find equanimity in the midst of change. Memory keeps a record of that which makes us react, and maybe that is why so many of us choose to loose it at some point or the other, because reactions are not always well advised by wisdom, but the body remembers, life after life. As life keeps happening to us moment by moment, even when we are unaware, either we create or we are created. Inspiration is needed.

When inspiration is gone, we always can count on Music to help us reconnect with ourselves. That is why it is healing, music connects us to ourselves, it lights up the whole brain; emotional, motor and creative areas.

Studies have shown that music has therapeutic benefits. ℅

A group of researchers discovered that playing music to premature babies reduce their pain and promotes healthy feeding habits, which helps them gain weight. Clinical directors and music therapists use instruments that mimic heartbeats and womb sounds, as well as their own voices, to comfort their newborns. Hospitals around the world use music as a way to ease patients’ pain, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Military programs use Music to help veterans recover their sanity and health, lost in war. The book The Sound of Music details the effects of music and describes the results to the experiments conducted with plants, some music kills the plants, some music helps them grow. So much can be said about the healing benefits of music, people with neurological damage or affected with Parkinson disease can “recover a symmetric step and a sense of equilibrium.”

The musical beats can serve as a step signal to the brain. Music can revert dementia, enhance hearing and prevents its loss; it helps a damage heart by reducing arterial pressure, and anxiety. It has been proven that to listen to songs that provoke a sensation of happiness, enhances blood circulation and helps vascular health. Music enhances physical workout, sooths teenager moods and influences behaviour. Music Therapy is a respected profession since 1950s. The musician is the hierophant of the mysteries of the Universe, raising human awareness through vibration and the healing power of tone.

Inspiration? It is simple to find, really. It comes right before an exhale.

By Yeye


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