Design Challenges: How to Avoid Appliance Agitation

When I moved to Baja 12 years ago. Things were done so differently. As third generation in my field, in addition to all the years of construction behind me, nothing prepared me for building my first two homes at the same time. The biggest lesson was not to take even the most basic thing for granted as one would in the US or Canada.

Some people prefer to be part of each and every micro decision, while others are completely comfortable turning everything over to someone they trust to stick to the budget, pay the bills, confident they can just show up when it’s finished.

So where is a designer’s value? If so much of what we’ve been used to doing is no longer expected of us, why hire us?

Answer: Designers turn dreams into realities. We have the wherewithal to avoid mistakes and save our clients money. We see it all through from top to bottom, paying attention to every little detail, from building materials and finishes, down to the soaps placed in the bathrooms.

BAJA Design Tip: Whether designing a home or hotel, construction here still comes with unknown challenges even an experienced foreign designer couldn’t possibly imagine. We empower you to make smart decisions when building a home, a business, and a life here in Baja.

Don’t Assume Appliance Specs Are Accurate!

Sometimes factory provided measurements of appliances such as dishwashers and trash compactors have varied once the item is on site and ready to install. One little millimeter off can cause a mountain of aggravation to make something fit…after the fact…especially if you are planning to use poured concrete countertops. Pulido finished concrete can be beautiful and is so often used for countertops and appliance sidewalls. So, when purchasing appliances that are not in stock or deliverable immediately, it is critical for your contractor to have that item on site prior to pouring.

By Wendy Rains

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Wendy Rains is an Internationally noted Architectural Designer. She currently makes her home in Todos Santos and has published the magazine, Building In Baja, and was Editor of Baja Tips Weekly. She hosts the radio program TS Weekend With Wendy on Cabo Miil fm 96.3 every Saturday at 3pm.


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