Artisanal Mexican Cheeses

In México, more than 50% of cheese production is considered artisanal. As wine, you can recognize it by its region of origin, which usually names the cheese. Cotija de Michoacán, Bola de Ocosingo de Chiapas, Poro de Balancán de Tabasco, Queso Fresco and Cocido de Sonora, Queso Crema de Chiapas, Queso Chihuahua, cheese production is an art, no doubt.

Artisanal Mexican cheeses are in most cases organic, and also promote fair trade. Their production, through out a long time in history, has been encircled within ranches and small pueblos.

Chemistry and Biotechnology labs have studied their flavour and the typical aromas that have been associated with specific lactic acid bacteria (BAL) that have been identified to its molecular degree. It was found that some BAL strains produce bioactive composts, such as antihypertensives and antioxidants, all promoters of health.

Lactic acid bacteria constitute a vast group of benign microorganisms, they are found in great quantities in nature, and in our digestive system. Mostly known for their role in fermenting dairy products, they are also used in baked vegetables pickling, in bakery wine, and to curate fish and meat. Their properties contribute to preserve and improve health, one of the reasons lactic acid bacteria has been used to ferment and create food culture during at least 4 millennia.

Artisanal Mexican cheeses are prepared without chemical additives, and they are usually found in gourmet stores and organic markets. Of course, a cultural experience is always better suited for the traveller, and some ranches give a guided tour.

Los Cabos International culinary trends, honour the use of Mexican artisanal cheeses and celebrate their influence through exclusive ‘tasting’ parties, lead by famous world-class Chefs. A world of pleasures and luxurious surrender, indeed. Enjoy.


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