5 Best Views in Los Cabos

Why does anyone go to Cabo? Warm weather, the ocean, nightlife and countless water sport activities are all selling points for this world-renowned beach destination. Sometimes overlooked, however, is Cabo’s natural beauty.

Cabo’s picturesque setting is one of the primary reasons Cabo became so popular. Restaurants, bars and tourist activities all came much later. Originally just a small fishing village on the tip of Mexico’s Baja California, Cabo has blossomed and grown into one of the world’s most popular vacation spots in the last fifty or so years.

To celebrate the natural beauty and scenery of Los Cabos, we want to tell you about the 5 best views and lookout points Los Cabos has to offer!

1. El Arco

Cabo’s most classic view is El Arco, or Land’s End. Located in Cabo San Lucas, the arch shaped rock formations have become an iconic symbol of Los Cabos.

The arches are located in both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, with the two converging at the rock formation, providing for stunning scenery. To see the arches, either head to the base at Lover’s Beach, or Playa del Amour, or hire a water taxi and sail into the Sea of Cortez to get a closer look.

2. Mirador de San Jose del Cabo

Moving across the corridor to the older San Jose del Cabo, we have el Mirador de San Jose. El Mirador is a luxury residence community located in San Jose del Cabo, with incredible views over the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez, as well as the surrounding desert areas of Los Cabos.

If you want to be located a bit farther away from all the action while taking in your views, this may be a better spot for you than a view point such as El Arco.

Mirador de San Jose del Cabo C/O: www.foursquare.com

3. Canopy Costa Azul

If you’re looking for something slightly off the beaten path in Los Cabos, then Canopy Costa Azul is just the place for you!

The adventure tours that lead visitors through this part of Los Cabos involve speeding zip lines, a suspension bridge and maybe even some rappelling!

The most beautiful views are from the ziplines, and feature the mountains, sea and desert environment surrounding the Baja California Sur area of Los Cabos.

An extreme adventure that comes with a serene, peaceful view, Canopy Costa Azul is the perfect change from the classic sand and sea scenery that is typical of Los Cabos.

4. Pedregal Hills

Easily one of the most breathtaking areas of Los Cabos to take in views, Pedregal Hills features many luxury resorts and residential communities.

These hills allow viewers to view the Sea of Cortez, Land’s End, the Pacific Ocean and the mountains surrounding Cabo.

An added bonus, the hills of Pedregal are where El Farallon, a restaurant known for the stunning views from its tables, is located.

Pedregal Hills Cabo C/O: www.joangrant.com

5. Sunset de Monalisa

Last, but most certainly not least, is the view from Cabo’s most romantic restaurant, Sunset de Monalisa.

Situated right on the Cabo San Lucas bay, with terrace cliff views right over the ocean and long stretches of the bay, the view at Sunset de Monalisa cannot be beat.

Though El Farallon in the Pedregal Hills rivals it, Sunset de Monalisa has the advantage of seating its guests right on the shores of the crashing waves and the ocean, as it’s much closer to the ground than El Farallon.

At Sunset de Monalisa, you are literally on the beach and amongst the waves as you enjoy your meal, making no other view quite as spectacular.


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